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Briarwood Goes Virtual

Like the rest of the world, The Briarwood community had to learn how to maneuver in these
strange times, but teachers and staff hit the road running and students were utilizing online
learning from day one and are continuing their daily education.  Communication with students
and families is the key and everyone, every step of the way, has surpassed all expectations.
Way to go, Briarwood! 

"I just want to let you guys know how much we absolutely appreciate the fact that Briarwood has taken the time to create a plan and has kept the parents informed every step of the way."
~Current Family

"Teachers that ROCK!  Ed Finger, you are so awesome!  You always go the extra mile to teach your students (even if they aren't in your class!)"
~Current Family

"Overall it is amazing, organized, responsive, engaging, accountable and forgiving at the same time.  My other two children are in public school (one of the "best" districts in this city) and there really is no comparison."
~Current Family

"I used your schedule template and made lesson plans for my other 2 kids...Thanks for being organized and for the schedule - it helped!"
~Current Family

Briarwood is a school for children with learning differences and learning disabilities.  


The goal of Briarwood is to provide a learning environment that fosters the total development of each student and builds academic skills, increases motivation, and bolsters self-esteem. By identifying a child’s learning style, remediating weaknesses, and teaching to strengths, Briarwood provides each child with a solid foundation that serves as the basis for future successes.

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Briarwood Advantage

Learning Style

Utilizes research and evidence-based methods and materials to match the child’s learning style

Skilled Teachers

Retains highly skilled teachers who are trained to focus on the academic, physical, emotional and social growth of each student

1:8 Ratio

Takes pride in a 1:8 Faculty/Student ratio for all grades K-12


Equips students to play multiple team sports on a state-of-the-art track and field, field house and a gymnasium


Has a legacy of over 50 years of excellence in teaching students with learning differences/disabilities

Briarwood has greatly encouraged me to go the extra mile academically, athletically, and socially. I have truly gained the best high school experience that any student could ask for. I hope to pursue only greatness in my future, and embellish my life in college with all that I have gained from this school. The spirit of Briarwood will always be part of me, and I am ever so grateful to have it!

~Morgan J., Briarwood Graduate

Briarwood's Counselor's Blog... 




Student Life

There’s never a dull moment at Briarwood. Students have many opportunities to stay connected and engaged with a huge selection of activities.

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Who We Serve

We eagerly serve students who have a diagnosed learning difference or disability, but may be struggling in their current school. For students and families who want to remediate, learn, achieve and succeed, Briarwood can be just the right fit.

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After Briarwood

We offer the tools to help each student find their own success. For some that could be eventually transitioning to another school, for others it may include graduating from Briarwood and seeking careers or college. The options are limitless.

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Briarwood's Specialized staff addresses students' needs as they move through the intense remediation process offered at Briarwood.  An individual plan is developed through a diagnostic-prescriptive approach, which allows the staff to formulate the best path to remediation for each student.

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89% of Our Students Go on to College

Below is a sample of the many different colleges our students attend.