My son came to Briarwood in the 8th grade. After coming home his first day he said, “I’m going to try and do well here and I’m going to do my best.” It is the Briarwood Community that spurred and nurtured that determination. You all have been a Godsend to my son and thanks to you, he is looking up and not down!

~Marcia, Briarwood Graduate Parent

Thank you for this amazing school! I thank God for Briarwood everyday! My son has found a place for himself and this is priceless!

~Tandy, Current Parent

We have been a part of the Briarwood family for over 15 years.  Having 2 children attend the school starting as early as 2nd grade, we could not imagine life without Briarwood.  Briarwood has given both of our children the tools to be successful.  They are both confident, kind, and most important, happy!  Briarwood allowed them to focus on their strengths and taught them how to overcome their weaknesses.  Thank you to all the teachers and staff for caring and pushing them to strive to do their best!  Trust the Process!  It definitely works!

~Schrock Family, Parents of two Briarwood Graduates

I’ve spent ten years here, and Briarwood has become much more than just a school to me. It’s the place where I’ve made my lifelong friends, discovered my passions, had my greatest successes, and learned from my failures. I can’t imagine what high school would have been like if I hadn’t attended Briarwood, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go. If I hadn’t gone to Briarwood, I don’t believe I would be the confident, happy person that I am today. My Briarwood education taught me so much. I will forever be thankful to Briarwood for the ten fantastic years I have spent here.

~Emily, Briarwood Graduate

At the tender age of 5, Annalise knew her mind worked differently.  Along with falling behind in her kindergarten class at the local elementary school, Annalise’s self-confidence drastically plummeted.  After being diagnosed with dyslexia and other learning differences, she began first grade at Briarwood, and we saw immediate changes in Annalise’s confidence.  She felt understood and valued.  Annalise’s teachers took time to understand her strengths and weaknesses and taught in a way that enabled her to not only grasp the materials, but to succeed.  

Annalise is now in 4th grade at Briarwood.  She is continuing to learn and develop strategies to work with her learning differences.  Perhaps most importantly, she is confident in who she is and fully recognizes the strengths that she possesses.  In her own words, “I love this school so much, I want to stay until the grades run out!”  Lucky for us, Briarwood runs through 12th grade! 

~Mayfield Family, Former Parents

“As a mom, I had several tearful meetings the first year of high school where I was told to “trust the process.” I did just that, and it was one of the best decisions our family made! At Briarwood, Reece was nurtured and given love and knowledge, which enabled him to grow. The school gave him a foundation to make good decisions. Thank you for helping my son become the man he is today.”

~Sally S., Former Parent

Prior to arriving at Briarwood, we never thought our son would sit still in a desk for a full day.  That was five years ago and our son not only sits attentively through classes, but also carries an “A” average.  Briarwood teachers and staff have been such a true blessing to our family.

~Current Parents

I have many memories of my lower, middle and high school life. I remember the first time I ever came to Briarwood. My mom asked me if I wanted to go to school here. I said no because I didn’t want to wear uniforms. Now that I look back on that I smile because I didn’t understand how much I needed Briarwood and it was going to change my life. In Lower School I started to realize I was good enough for school. Thank you for always maintaining the vision of Briarwood to help young people like me!

~Hannah, Briarwood Graduate

Briarwood provides Channing with all the tools she needs to succeed both academically and socially, which has allowed her to form friendships that she truly cherishes.  

Briarwood’s customized formula for Channing is the perfect fit that consistently enhances her self-confidence and her love for learning.  To see Channing happy is a gift that keeps on giving.  

~Hall Family, Current Parents