Why Briarwood?

The Briarwood School is one of the premier schools in the
country for students with a broad range of learning differences.

At Briarwood we start our journey by identifying how your child learns best. Through intensive instruction, we strive to remediate weaknesses while teaching to each child’s strengths. We aim to create a learning environment where students achieve success. These milestones lead to increased academic skills, therefore strengthening self esteem and increasing motivation. By offering a traditional school setting with extra-curricular activities, we ensure that your student is well-rounded, thriving and successful…at Briarwood, and beyond.

With an enrollment of over 300 students in our Lower and Middle Upper Schools, all of the students are of average to above-average intelligence with a broad range of learning disabilities that include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, speech/language disorders, along with written and expressive language disorders.  Additional diagnoses addressed through accommodations include attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and processing disorders as they relate to academic issues.

The Briarwood Advantage

Emphasizes language, reading, fluency, comprehension, time-management, and organizational skills through evidence-based, specialized programs

Ensures individual attention to each child and active participation through the small class sizes

Provides a guidance program to assist each graduate with his or her post-high school years

Provides opportunities for professional development for faculty, staff, and outreach to the professional community.

Features a 100,000 square-foot specially-designed facility on 9.2 acres

Maintains two full-time Licensed Professional Counselors

Maintains 4 year designation by Anti-Defamation League as a No-Place For Hate School.

Utilizes research and evidence-based methods and materials to match the child’s learning style

Provides speech and language therapy utilizing a staff of certified Speech and Language Pathologists

Equips students to play multiple team sports on a state-of-the-art track and field, field house and a gymnasium


Featured Briarwood Graduate

Kate Munson 2019

Kate’s Journey... Knowing Kate now, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that she has been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. Kiddingly she admits that she 'hit it out of the park' with learning differences! Kate, who is a 2019 Briarwood graduate, came as a 5th grader, but was well below grade level in math, reading, English and was already in Speech therapy. She hit the ground running: Kate and her family noticed big improvements that first year. Kate never gave up and with hard work, perseverance, and intense remediation she thrived. Throughout her Briarwood years you could see Kate in school plays, running track, participating in poetry competitions and joyfully walking across the stage at graduation.  We are so proud of Kate as she heads off to Texas Tech! Briarwood is thankful for the opportunity that we had to make a difference in Kate's life.


Starts her journey at Briarwood


Lower School Social Studies Country Presentation


Excelling in Lower School!  Ready to move into Middle Upper School!


Running for Student Council in Middle Upper School


Receiving a medal for running track in Middle Upper School


Performing in the Upper School Drama production


Briarwood Senior Graduation

2019 - 2020

Her next chapter begins at Texas Tech