Lower School Counselor (K-6)

While Briarwood is not a therapeutic setting, the support of our students in all aspects of their educational experience is essential.  School counselors play a critical role in fostering the well-being of students and families and in building a positive school culture and climate.  The Lower School Counselor works strategically as part of Administration and the instructional team to promote student success.  In addition to working directly with students, the Lower School Counselor partners with parents, faculty/staff, administrators and professionals in the community to address concerns and issues that impact students' academic and social development.  Briarwood school counselors do not provide ongoing therapy but do support the social/emotional, behavioral and academic needs of students through consultation and brief, solution-focused interventions for day-today difficulties.

The Lower School Counselor also supports the school community through the school's character education programs, the KCC Club, parent education programs, staff development and community outreach.

The role of a Briarwood school counselor is as follows:

  • To counsel with students individually and in small groups
  • To consult with teachers, administrators, staff, and parents
  • To participate in school meetings and conferences
  • To refer to community professionals when the scope of the student's needs exceed the intervention that a school counselor can provide
  • To collaborate with community therapists and other professionals to help provide a systematic and cohesive program for the student
  • To provide opportunities for parent education, staff development and community outreach
  • To assist with standardized achievement testing
  • To maintain psycho-educational records (updated every 3 years)

Students can meet with the school counselor either by requesting it directly, by staff referral, or by parental request.  There is no additional fee for counseling services.

Please see the Lower School Student and Parent Handbook for more information regarding the scope of the Briarwood counseling program, confidentiality limitations and communication guidelines.