Each student comes to Briarwood with independent neuropsychological testing provided by parents. Utilizing the information provided along with Briarwood’s screening devices, an educational program is designed to provide what each student needs.

Once a student’s program is defined, we create small class groupings to deliver effective instruction. Students are placed in CORE classes with specialized teachers for needed remediation or to challenge areas of strength.

In addition to CORE classes, each student is assigned to an Intervention class based on need.
Math classes are leveled by students’ strengths and needs. We offer classes for those students needing remediation taught by a math specialist and classes for advanced math students.
In our Lower School program, students are assigned to an intervention Lab called Focused Intervention Time (F.I.T.)
  • Reading Lab students work with reading specialists using evidenced-based programs.
  • Math F.I.T. students work with a math teacher/specialist using multisensory, systemic programs.
  • Writing F.I.T. is designed for students who need to enhance written language skills in the form of enrichment or remedial writing. Programs developed by specialists in the field of written language are used.
In our Middle-Upper program, students are placed in a Reading Remediation Class or Language! Class.
  • Reading remediation courses are designed to deliver intensive small-group intervention in areas of reading: phonemic awareness, fluency, or reading comprehension. The reading remediation labs are taught by a Certified Academic Language Teacher.
  • Language! designed by Jane Fell Green addresses reading and language skills.