Welcome to our Technology Page!

At Briarwood, Technology is one of the many tools being used for teaching and learning. Together with well-trained teachers, we believe that effective use of technology, help students think more critically and approach problems more creatively.

Considering that mobile technology is already standard for a large amount of today’s workforce, we have implemented a 1:1 iPad program for grades 9-12 in order to enhance and individualize instruction, promote collaboration, and increase student engagement.

In addition to 3 dedicated computer labs and 2 dedicated computer classrooms, students in grades that are not involved in the iPad program, have access to several mobile technology carts located around the school which are equipped with updated laptops and iPads. Students may also bring a computer device of their choice (such as a tablet or laptop) to school for educational use only.

System security is a high priority for Briarwood’s Technology Department. Our security infrastructure uses advanced filleting to restrict what gets in through email, malicious websites and other cyber attack threats and protects students from inappropriate content that can be found on the Web. We also encourage families to use similar filters (such as the free version of OpenDNS) and set requirements for children who use home computers, WiFi networks, and personal cell phones.

Access to Briarwood’s electronic resources is backed by a strong and secure technology infrastructure, including a Comcast dedicated high performance,100 Mbps, Fiber Optic Internet connection, a robust, building-wide Xirrus Wireless Network, and a PaloAlto Networks Next Generation Fire Wall (NGFW).

Through their years at Briarwood, students use and explore a variety of generic and subject-specific software programs. Examples of curriculum-linked, on-line software used at Briarwood include:

Essential Learning System (ELS)

CEI’s, ELS helps students improve reading, math and test scores and targets low-performing and Special Education students by using a therapeutic approach with activities that link visual, auditory, and motor-kinesthetic skills to improve the students’ reading and math skills.

Academy of Reading

Academy of READING® is an intensive, online intervention program for struggling readers. This dynamic program instructs students in the five critical areas of reading – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Ongoing assessment and progress monitoring provide robust data to inform instruction and show students’ reading progress.

New Path Learning

NewPath Learning offers a complete line of Hands-On and Digital Curriculum Resources which can be used individually or as part of a complete, blended learning solution. These award-winning instructional tools are research-based, classroom-tested and correlated to the most current state and national curriculum standards – including Common Core and Next Generation Science!


LANGUAGE! provides intensive intervention. It integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, foundational skills, and spoken English, rapidly advancing students who score below the 40th percentile on standardized tests. When delivered as designed, LANGUAGE! documents accelerated literacy gains of two to six years in a single academic year.

Reflex Math

ExploreLearning Reflex® Math is adaptive and individualized. Reflex continuously monitors each student’s performance to create the optimal experience for every child.


Earobics is an adaptive, research-based reading intervention program built on the Common Core. Individualized, adaptive learning provides targeted instruction in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Writing. Powerful management tools enable teachers and administrators to monitor and chart student progress for differentiation.

Our technology mission is to continuously inspire our teachers to use computers across the curriculum and encourage our students to create their work by researching and learning from a variety of sources and considering multiple perspectives.