Students at Briarwood have average to above average intellectual abilities.  However, they have not reached their academic potential in traditional school environments.

The Briarwood School offers direct interventions designed to remediate areas of need to students with diagnosed learning disabilities while building upon areas of strength.

Our goal is to build lifelong learners, with success through college, career and beyond.

Our Students

Diagnoses include dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, speech/language disorders, along with written and expressive language disorders.  Additional diagnoses addressed through accommodations include attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and processing disorders as they relate to academic issues.


Our Strength

The Briarwood School specializes in the remediation and support of students with a diagnosed learning difference/disability.  The Briarwood School encourages students to find or rediscover their talents and strengths through many opportunities in the classroom, on the playing field and through opportunities to shine.


Our Mission

At Briarwood, we take the utmost care to admit students who will benefit from our program. Our mission is to help students reach their maximum potential through diagnostic-prescriptive instruction in a structured, student-centered academic environment. Our goal is to build lifelong learners who will succeed through college, careers and beyond.


The Admission Process

Affording Briarwood

Frequently Asked Questions

100% of Our Students Are Accepted to College.

Our students have been accepted at all of these colleges and universities, and 89% choose to continue their formal education after Briarwood.

The Admissions Team

Ashley Ackerman
Admissions Associate
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