"We Are All In This Together"

Paying Tribute During Times Of Tribulation

You could say our community is the “glass half full” variety. When faced with these trying times Briarwood School teachers, staff, parents and students have shown what they are really made of…determination, lots and lots of creativity, and heart. While figuring out the unchartered territory of online learning, teachers and students have really stepped up, shown us how to thrive during adversity, and, well, given us all a glimpse of their personal sides, including costumes, pets and cooking demonstrations. We look forward to getting back to normal, but are so grateful for the understanding, kindness and ingenuity of our community. 

I just want to let you guys know how much we absolutely appreciate the fact that Briarwood has taken the time to create a plan and has kept the parents informed every step of the way. You have made the steps for a potential transition very clear and have offered ample forewarning so that we may plan and prepare as well. (I wish our city had Briarwood in charge of risk preparedness action planning!) Briarwood has handled this with calm, forethought, and pragmatism.

~The Considine Family, Parents of a Sophomore

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you!  You guys are rocking this whole school/work from home situation.  I am so thankful that you guys are a part of Maddie's education.  We been handling all of this really well, but we had a rough Monday here and you guys have helped every step of the way.  Lots of my friends are struggling with less than ideal instructions or no work at all provided for their kiddos and I feel like you guys have gotten it just right.  I appreciate all you are doing and I know this isn't easy for you either.  I am sure you don't hear it near enough so I just want to know you are appreciated and we are so thankful for you!

~The Elkins Family, Parents of a 6th Grader

I LOVE how we are still able to "gather" for a lesson and continue learning together.  During each Zoom lesson, I am amazed at how resilient my students are; their perseverance is a true example of a Growth Mindset!

~Briarwood Lower School Intermediate Teacher

I couldn't be more proud of Primary!!  The kids have shown so much grit and perseverance with Distance Learning.  They have learned how to maneuver in Seesaw and utilize many other new websites like experts!

~Briarwood Lower School Primary Teacher

First let me thank you, the teachers, and staff for communicating your plan going forward.  While this may be a challenging time and some face more challenges than others, I do want to let you know how much we appreciate the effort being put forth to teach our children.  Personally, we do not feel the third day of distance learning was hard nor do we feel overwhelmed.  The plan you and your team has put in place is quite simple and straightforward.  Again, we are thankful you and the staff are so proactive with developing a plan to continue education at The Briarwood School.

~The Roosa Family, Parents of a Senior

I did want to pass on how impressed I am by how Briarwood has responded to distance learning. Overall it is amazing, organized, responsive, engaging, accountable and forgiving at the same time. You  all deserve a huge pat on the back. My other two children are in public school (one of the "best" districts in this city) and there really is no comparison. I just finished my nightly hour of writing their curriculum for tomorrow. Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated. And stay safe!

~The Wegmann Family, Parents of a 5th Grader

Awesome post! Thanks so much! I’m so impressed with the school overall; obviously this is a difficult time, but I love your positivity and hard work! We’ll get through this and learn a lot at the same time.

~The Fieglein Family, Parents of a 5th Grader

We wanted to give a shout out to the Briarwood School - y'all have done an amazing job with keeping things on track!  We sure appreciate all of the wonderful staff and teachers there and can't wait to see you all again.

~The Huddleston Family, Parents of a 6th Grader

Thank you very much for being so easy to work with during this. Out of all 4 of my kids online schooling, you definitely have made your class the most easy to follow and least overwhelming. I appreciate all you are doing! Thanks for your support!

~The Smith Family, Parents of a 7th Grader

Y’all are really on top of it and the schedule and packets were PERFECT! SO well done! Please tell EVERYONE! Y’all did and are doing an AMAZING job!

~The Dykman Family, Parents of a 4th Grader

I used your schedule template and made lesson plans for my other 2 kids… Thanks for being organized and for the schedule - it helped.

~The Feigleson Family, Parents of a 2nd Grader

Thank you so much!!! All of you have made this transition as easy as it can be at this time. I appreciate all the lessons, schedules, time and thoughtfulness you all have done for each student.  He enjoyed doing the seesaw activities this afternoon and your message…  I really appreciate the variety of learning materials.  SBISD doesn’t have it as nicely organized as you guys do.  I feel I can pick up the lessons and go. I love the idea of a Zoom meeting.  All the kids can see each other, which I think it is good for them to stay as connected as they can.

~The Roth Family, Parents of a 2nd Grader

This is fantastic! Thank you all for your hard work. I hope you all are safe and healthy.

~The Parker Family, Parents of a 6th Grader

A HUGE thank you to all of you for the work you continue to do for the Briarwood students.  Everyone has done a superior job of organizing and implementing this distant learning thing.  Reid is actually enjoying it. I think because it’s something new and he doesn’t have to put on a uniform every day. Lol!  He misses the social aspect though. Thank you again for going above and beyond for these students. 

~The Lofton Family, Parents of a Freshman

Thank you for being persistent and persevering during these troubled times.  I know it would be hard to teach a class during a pandemic, but you guys have made it work.  Hopefully we can make it through the end of the school year during these strange times.

~Ian, Briarwood Student

    Teachers that ROCK!  Ed Finger, you are so awesome!  You always go the extra mile to teach your students         (even if they aren’t in your class!!)  Thank you Ed for teaching the future even through this time of uncertainty.  Q has always been inspired by your passion for teaching, travel and life!  You are a class act!

~The Tremblay Family, Parents of a Junior

Distance Learning?  Who thought or heard of such a thing.  I don’t believe many of us did.  What is it?  It’s a whole new way for our kids, teachers and administrators to figure out how to keep our school year going.  It may have been easy for a few, but for most it took a whole other skill set we never had before Spring 2020.  Our teachers in particular not only had to learn this skill, but keep our LD kids focused, engaged and their learning minds thinking.  How easy it would have been to throw in the towel and start over after this time of unknown is behind us.
Our Briarwood teachers ALL rose above their own doubts and fears.  They continued to teach and engage our children.  I had an awesome moment overhearing a teacher interacting with only 2 students before class started.  What a delight!  So personal, yet thoughtful and as more students “joined the class” they were brought into the conversation.  It was so fun to hear our kids really tell us how they feel about what they missed.  Then, only after the last student joined in and their thoughts given, did the actual class begin. 

Our teachers, no matter if in person or on a computer screen know how to communicate with our kids.  I can’t thank them enough for really thinking out of the box to keep our kids learning during such an unprecedented time.

~The Fader Family, Parents of a Junior

Cole said he likes not having to drive to school, that he gets finished earlier and he gets to swim and play baseball with his brother and Dad, that his mom helps him with his work, that he can see his teachers and friends on the Zoom.

~The Cattan Family, Parents of a 4th Grader

I have 4 children in 3 different schools and Briarwood is doing it best!

~The Gleason Family, Parents of a 6th Grader

I just wanted to thank you and your team and the US teachers for giving our kids the opportunity to continue their classes with the Zoom conference calls!  That is providing so many benefits—structure, learning, and a chance to see their friends.  I know many schools aren’t doing this and it is much appreciated!

~The Castiglione Family, Parents of a Freshman

The teachers & staff have done an amazing job of keeping the students engaged, connected, and on task with their classwork, teachers, and friends!  The communication has been superb!!  We cannot express the gratitude we feel for the special attention that has gone into making the end of the senior year special! Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work & dedication!!

~The Schrock Family, Parents of a Senior

Thank you for your hard work and willingness to help during a time of need.

~Arthur, Briarwood Student

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you do for our kids!! I appreciate the video calls and your time with Brooke. It helps her to feel connected during this time. I appreciate you all for continuing to work with her and making her smile each day. Briarwood is a wonderful place and even though you guys aren't working together in person you are still making a difference and it is much appreciated!! 

~The Ashenberger Family, Parents of a 7th Grader

Our kids are very blessed to be at such a wonderful school surrounded by so many loving and caring teachers and staff members that help make learning fun!  Aiden is so sad he won’t see all his teachers before going to fifth grade and misses school and his friends very much.  He actually broke down in tears yesterday!  I don’t know many other schools that could brag about how loved they are by their students and APPRECIATED by their parents.  Thanks for all y’all have and are doing for the kids!

~The Studdert Family, Parents of a 4th Grader

Thank you Briarwood for being so proactive and well prepared. We are so thankful for your continued preparedness and willingness to hear the voices of your students and their parents. We are so blessed that Logan gets to continue her education at home during this pandemic with dedicated teachers and staff who truly care. We feel lucky to have carefully thought out schedules, lessons and meetings run daily by her teachers. Seeing Logan’s teachers face to face each day really makes a world of difference. Thank you for all of you hard work!!! You have all gone above and beyond and we could not be more grateful.

~The Beckelman Family, Parents of a 2nd Grader

Distant learning is a challenge and Hannah misses her school, teachers, and friends.  She is trying her best to do her homework and reading at home!

~The Teh Family, Parents of a 5th Grader

The class is currently reading “Tale of Despereaux”, Christian “loves” the book and can’t get enough of it (a first in my house).

Today, I commented to him “you really love that book, right” he said “yes”.  I said “I think I’m going to let Mrs. McCormick know that she chose a really great book for you", he immediately said “yes, let her know and she always has us reading great books”.

I just wanted to say “thank you”, he enjoys the books and the time that he spends in your class. Very interactive and he’s learning without realizing he’s learning.

~The Mouton Family, Parents of a 5th Grader