The Admissions Process

We're glad you're here! Follow the steps below to complete the admissions process.

Step 1: Schedule a Tour

  • We invite you to take a tour of Briarwood.
  • All group tours begin at 9:00 a.m. and last approximately an hour and a half. Private tours may be scheduled by appointment.
  • Touring the school allows you to see our program, learn more about our school, ask questions, and see our students in action.


Step 2: Submit Online Application

Log in to the Admissions Portal to complete the application and submit a non-refundable processing fee of $100.00.


Step 3: Upload Documentation

  1. Completed Parent Questionnaire
  2. School Record Release Form
  3. Current Report Card
  4. Testing/Evaluations - Completed within the past two years
  • Psycho-education testing / F.I.E. (Full Individualized Evaluation), which includes:
  • Cognitive testing (WISC-IV or Woodcock Johnson)
  • Academic Achievement
  • Comprehensive, professional interpretation of test scores and a relevant diagnosis
  • Professional recommendations for classroom accommodations
  • Speech & Language and / or Occupational & Physical Therapy Evaluation, if administered
  • Assessment of Psycho-Social Functioning if administered or upon request

(All testing items must be scanned as a single attachment, rather than multiple individual attachments.)

Step 4: Receipt of Documentation

  • Once all documentation is received, the Admissions Committee will evaluate the completed application and all required documents.
  • At the conclusion of the review process, an Admissions Team member will contact parents/guardians regarding the next steps.  (Allow two weeks for review).
  • If placement is a possibility, an informal screening will be scheduled.
  • When placement is not recommended, alternative educational options will be discussed.

Step 5: Informal Student Screening

The purpose of the screening is to observe students as they participate in groups, work individually, and interact with peers as well as determine the appropriate academic groupings necessary to serve each child.

  • Lower School
    • Students will visit for one or two days between the hours of 7:50 am and 2:30 pm.
    • They will "shadow" a friend and spend the day in the classroom to gain insight into what he/she will experience within the school setting.
    • During the day, teachers will work with your child in math, reading, spelling and writing to determine his/her strengths and weaknesses.
    • In addition, one of our speech pathologists will also conduct a speech screening.
  • Middle Upper School
    • Students will visit and screen on Wednesdays from 9:00 to 11:30 am.
    • Teachers will work with your child in math and language to determine his/her strengths and weaknesses.
    • In addition a speech pathologist will conduct a speech screening.

Step 6: Admissions Decision

  • A recommendation will be made after careful consideration of all observations and assessments.
  • If we are not able to serve your child, alternative educational options will be suggested.
  • If we are able to meet the needs of your child, a parent conference will be scheduled to review the assessments and offer a contract.

The Admissions Team