Who We Serve

At Briarwood, we are dedicated to serving students who possess average to superior cognitive abilities that are motivated to learn and demonstrate typical social-emotional development. This includes students entering grades K-12 who struggle with reading, math, written language, and organizational skills in the classroom.

We accept students with learning differences or disabilities such as:

  • Reading disability/dyslexia
  • Disorder of written language/dysgraphia
  • Math disability/dyscalculia
  • Language-based learning disabilities



We are NOT an appropriate school for children who have the following diagnoses:

  • Primary social/emotional/behavioral disorders
  • Primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Primary diagnosis of Social Communication disorder

We are not a therapeutic school and do not provide programs for social, emotional, or behavioral diagnoses.

(See below for more information)

If your child has a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, we invite you to check out Tuttle School, serving students with intellectual and developmental disorders on the Briarwood campus. Finding just the right fit for your child is important to us.  Click the Tuttle School link to take a look.

At Briarwood...

College preparatory classes are structured with the goal of success in college and beyond. 

Students are prepared to be independent learners and strong self-advocates. 

Students receive targeted remediation in areas of need utilizing a diagnostic-prescriptive approach. 

Students are given the support necessary to rediscover the zest for learning.

Strategies are taught to enhance Executive Function skills and bolster academic success. 

Learning Differences & Disabilities