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  1. Please enter the amount you would like to pay for each recurring gift transaction, not the total amount of your gift over time.
  2. At the bottom of the form, please make your selections for Recurring Payment, how long you would like the recurring payment to last, and the timing of each future transaction.
  3. Your first transaction will occur today.

Example: if you would like to give $10 per month for a year, for a total of $120, please enter $10 below. Then select Recurring Payment at the bottom of the form, with a duration of 12 months. You will be charged $10 today.

No payment will be made today. If you would like to make a payment, please complete this form to confirm your pledge, then return to this form and select Pledge Payment above.‚Äč​

Not sure if your employer matches gifts?
Contact the Development Office at (281) 493-1070.

Payment Options

I will be paying a charge of $ for months for an overall total of $ for years for an overall total of $ times for an overall total of $ times for an overall total of $ beginning with a charge today of $
Remaining payments will take place between and with the next payment occurring on

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