2021-2022 COVID POLICY

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Updated on Monday, August 9, 2021
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Changes to the local public health status may necessitate changes to our
2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan throughout the year.

The COVID Task Force is monitoring the guidance for schools provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the Texas Education Agency, local and state officials and health departments.  The Briarwood School will comply with required practices and standards of care; however, we may also implement more than the minimal requirements in order to meet the health safety standards that we believe will best serve our school community. Briarwood and Tuttle School will follow health safety protocols to keep virus transmission as low as possible in order to safely continue school.  The cooperation of faculty and staff, students and parents will be essential to this endeavor; thank you for supporting our efforts. If you have questions about the COVID policy and procedures, please email

The Briarwood and Tuttle School will continue a layered prevention approach to protect our students, families, faculty and staff and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within our school community.  As long as virus transmission within our local community remains low, we will operate school on campus with fewer restrictions than last year.  The COVID Task Force will be monitoring COVID-19 updates through the Texas Medical Center website. This will help us gain a thorough understanding of COVID-19 infection rates in our community, and we will make decisions based on the data provided on this site.

COVID-19 vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all individuals who are eligible for the vaccine; however, the school will not be requiring vaccinations for either students or staff.

Response to COVID-19

(Updated 8/9/21)

(Updated 8/9/2021)

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Heads of School and Admissions
David Mendlewski, Head of School
Jill Wiseman, Associate Head of School
Lisa Landi, Director of Lower School (K-6th Grade)
Dan Buck, Asst. Director of Lower School
Jeff Guedry, Director of Upper School (9th-12th Grade)
Ryan Clark, Director of Middle School (7th & 8th Grade)
Debbie Etheridge, Admissions Director

Grade Level, School Day, Carpool, Attendance, Required School Forms, etc.
Jenni Ferreira, Lower School Registrar (K-6th Grade)
Judie Shelhamer, Middle Upper School Registrar (7th-12th Grade)
Ruby Karimi, Front Office Receptionist
Vicky Moscoso, Middle Upper Attendance (7th-12th Grade)

School Counselors
Casey Lunn, Lower School Counselor (K-6th Grade)
Toni LaZurs, Middle Upper School Counselor (7th-12th Grade)

Tuition Payment & Billing
Richelle Hlawek, Business Manager 
Smart Tuition (888.868.8828) 

Athletics and Wellness
Rayna Williams, Director of Athletics
Alyssa Barnhill, Registered School Nurse 

Development, Special Events and Volunteers
Bridget Anderson, Director of Advancement
Kim Black, Director of Special Events and Asst. Development Director

Communications and Parent Portal
Katherine Schrock, Director of Communications
Brynn Matherne, Admissions Database Manager