Lower & Middle Upper Art

The arts are instrumental in developing self-awareness and require skills using both right and left brain functions.  The Briarwood Art Program is designed for both beginner and intermediate level students.  Courses offered are designed around architectural drafting/model making, drawing/painting, and sculpture/ceramics.  Students utilize a classroom complete with an art history library and a kiln for sculpting projects.

Briarwood art classes are very small so that students receive differentiated instruction.  The focus in each class is on the individual student’s ability, effort, and personal expression. Students are taught the elements of art, line, shape, form, color, space, composition and texture, as well as the necessary techniques for creating and completing assigned projects.

Students from Briarwood have been nominated, attended, and graduated from the Glassell School of Art’s Advanced Curriculum for Teens Program in Houston.

Erika Arslan
Lower School Art Teacher
Stephanie Hemann
Middle Upper Art Teacher