Middle Upper Athletics

Briarwood's athletic program allows students of any skill the opportunity to participate in the athletic program. 

There are no tryouts.  Students who will commit to attending practices and following the rules of the Athletic Program will be a part of the team.  Briarwood students enjoy the same camaraderie, increased self-esteem, sense of belonging and accomplishments that students receive from being involved in sports.

Our coaches teach our students to develop strategies to manage the emotional challenges of competition in order to preserve the fun and positive contributions that sports can make to character development.

Briarwood coaches are also classroom teachers.  Therefore, the mission of the school is easily incorporated into our approach to each sport.  

Teaching the skills of the sport and the rules of the game is an ongoing objective since we are teaching the game to some of our athletes for the first time.  We also see that this continuous process allows our teams, as well as individual students, to bring to each game, both a better understanding of the game and a sense of fair play.

Athletic Program Advantage

Every student has the opportunity to participate 

Works to build a positive self-image, confidence and responsibility

Improves motor skills and overall fitness 

Encourages teamwork, leadership and promotes long-lasting friendships 

Briarwood faculty serve as coaches 

Sports participation can foster team work and skill-building in a safe environment 

"Our students learn to honor the game. Win or lose, the ability to participate is a privilege. Just as we teach to the whole child in the classroom, our coaches are models and teachers of the athlete on the court and field. Along with skills and rules, the athletic department endorses sportsmanship, education, dependability and commitment to the team and all competitors."

Rayna Williams
Athletic Director
(281) 493-1070 Ext. 129

(August - October)

Cross Country - 9th - 12th
High School (co-ed)

Flag Football - 7th - 12th
Junior High and High School (boys)

Volleyball - 7th - 12th
Junior High and High School (girls)

*High School Students may participate in two fall sports

(October - February)

Basketball - 7th - 12th
Junior High and High School (boys team & girls team)

Soccer - 7th - 12th
Junior High and High School (co-ed)

*Students may participate in one winter sport

(February - April)

Golf - 9th - 12th
High School (co-ed)

Track - 6th - 12th
Junior High and High School (co-ed)

Tennis - 7th - 12th
Junior High and High School (co-ed)

*Students may participate in one spring sport

Our Coaches